Does #BlackTransLivesMatter?

August 4, 2017

Episode 12: Rico along with Jeff Cardier discuss #BlackTransLivesMatters from a black, cisgender, heterosexual, hypermasculine prospective. We also discuss Bobby Valentino, Lil Duval, Charlemagne and The Breakfast Club. Lastly, we discuss Donald Trump's recent decision to ban all transgender individuals from serving in the military. Does having sex with a transwoman make you gay?


Special thanks to Jeff Cardier for being my guest.


I send my deepest condolences to all Black transwomen that lost their lives to violence.


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#Politicking (ft. Mario)

July 6, 2017

Rico along with Mario (co-owner of @Hare.Club) discuss Jay Z’s new album 4:44 in our latest #Politicking series. We dissect and break down each track, give feedback and uncover hidden messages. Later we discuss supporting black businesses, the importance of ownership and what this album means to Hip-Hip. In our conversation, we highlighted Jay Z’s mother coming out as lesbian and other LGBT references made by Jay. Is Hip-hop ready for an openly gay rapper?

Shoutout Mario (@Garb.ageless) for #Polliticking with me. Also follow his business page @Hare.Club

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Disclaimer: This album was legally downloaded via using voucher code 'Sprint.'


F**k Boyz

June 23, 2017

Episode 11: Rico along with the ladies from WCW Podcast (AK & Wynter) discuss everything fuck boy. Why are women attracted to fuck boyz? Does fuck boyz have better sex? Later we discuss celebrity fuck boyz Melo, TI and Bill Cosby. Lastly we discuss getting hatfished, hoeism, body counts, rape and consent. How do you know when 'no' means 'yes'? 'Fuck boy is a man that intentionally misleads women in anyway.'

Special shoutout to @pardnmyliteskin @ WynterDior for being my guests! @EverydayIsWCW is available every Wednesday on Tune In!


Light-skinned Privilege

June 9, 2017

Episode 10: Rico along with AK (co-host of WCW podcast) discuss light skin privilege. Is there such a thing? AK later recalls growing up light skin and the struggles of defining her blackness. We also talk house slave vs. field slave, brown paper bag test and skin bleaching. Does colorism hurt more than racism? 'If colorism is the child of white supremacy then light skin privilege is its grandchild.' 


Thank You!

May 29, 2017
Rico releases a special episode dedicated to his past guests and listeners. I reviewed and reflected upon every single episode while showing my appreciation to the featured guests. I later shared my vision for this podcast and lastly explained how to become a prospective guest!
I seriously cant thank you guys enough for being apart of this show. I will be doing a ' Thank You' episode every 10 episode to show my appreciation!
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Don’t Touch My Hair

May 12, 2017

Episode 9: Rico along with the ladies from #WeComeFromQueens podcast discuss the natural hair process and why they hate when people touch their hair. Is your hair still a distraction in the workplace? Is biracial women now the face of the natural movement? Later, the ladies react to Shea Moisture commercial, Kendrick's Lamar's 'Humble' video, Trans Women and Rachel Dolezal being 'Trans Black.'

Special thanks to Monique and Cadacia for being this weeks guest.
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Playing the Part

April 29, 2017

Episode 8: Rico along with Brian Shaw discuss mastering the art of acting and playing the part. Brian shares his experiences as an up-and-coming actor. Would you ever play a gay role? How do you avoid being typecast? Later, Brian reacts to Samuel Jackson's comments about British actors, Kyle Jenner's Pepsi commercial and #OscarSoWhite. Lastly, Brian shared why he quit his job to pursue acting and the importance of following your dreams. He also dedicated this episode to the late, great Charlie Murphy. 'I leveled up mentally to just go with Plan A. I don't believe in having a Plan B.' 


Fat Shaming

April 14, 2017
Episode 7: Rico along with Fees from #ThePodcastGirl podcast address the issues of fat shaming, struggles while shopping, weight loss surgery, etc. Is there such thing as big-boned? What's 'too big?' Later we discussed sex, love and dating from a plus size prospective. Does fat girls give better head? Is being called BBW a term of endearment? 'Just do you! It cost more spiritually, mentally and physically to do what everyone else is saying to do rather than to just do you!'

#Politicking (ft. Makini)

April 7, 2017

Rico along with special guest Makini kept the conversation going about the #MissingDCgirls. What social media got wrong? Are our kids being captured for organ harvesting? Why are so many kids running away? Later we broke down the criteria for issuing an Amber Alert. Makini walked us through completing a child safety kit you can provide to authorities should your child go missing. Lastly, we discussed the importance of life insurance. Should you get a life insurance policy on your child? 'The moment you have life insurance, is the moment you start living!' 

Thank you Makini (@Makini101) for #Politicking with me. Follow her on IG for more information on the child safety kit. Also if you're interested in life insurance for your and children. 
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World Star Effect

March 31, 2017

Episode 6: Rico along with the hosts of Group Chat Podcast (Mr. Otuks, Sebastian and J-Vince) discuss the "World Star Effect." Does WSHH celebrate violence? Did anything good come out of World Star? Was Q's death a conspiracy? Later we discuss gun violence violence in Chicago, drill music, stop and frisk and so much more. We also offer possible solutions to solve the violence in Chiraq. 'America celebrates violence as a whole, not just World Star'

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Outro - Chicago rappers King Louie and Ty Money. (


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