Fat Shaming

April 14, 2017
Episode 7: Rico along with Fees from #ThePodcastGirl podcast address the issues of fat shaming, struggles while shopping, weight loss surgery, etc. Is there such thing as big-boned? What's 'too big?' Later we discussed sex, love and dating from a plus size prospective. Does fat girls give better head? Is being called BBW a term of endearment? 'Just do you! It cost more spiritually, mentally and physically to do what everyone else is saying to do rather than to just do you!'
Special thank you to @FeesTheBeast for being this weeks guest. The Podcast Girl is available on SoundCloud and iTunes! Also follow her on twitter and IG: @ThePodcastGirl 
Baltimore Music - Watch out for the big girls (https://youtu.be/bHQee6EqHIo)
Outro - 'fat girls' by Briki fa President (https://youtu.be/G8QqasUHOe8)

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